Re: Proficio Experiment: HDSDR in Linux with voice, fldigi and wsjt-x, running on an old PC


Right you are about RPi compatibility. The RPi series has certainly set a standard for price/performance and power-effciency. Impressive, actually.

But, there is some x86 competition. I was thinking of an x86 micro-board, something more like this:
There are others. Some claim to be Win10 capable, though I'd probably stick with Ubuntu linux, for better support of us tinkerers. I'm imagining porting the set-up from my giant, acoustically noisy, power-hungry, 2005 NoName PC mid-tower to a little box that has in it the proficio radio hardware, an HF amplifier and one of these little PC boards. It could also be kept 12V compatible, though likely a little more of a power consumer than an RPi version. Anyway, so far, the exercise I reported has been quite educational w.r.t. what's likely workable and how.

An immediate goal is to make the setup behave as "instant-on"; i.e., no switching, reconfiguring, level-setting, etc., when starting in one config after having been running in another. It is pretty close right now. HDSDR's profile feature helps a lot with that, by remembering its setup on a per profile basis.

One remaining annoyance is wsjt-x and port-audio not always cooperating immediately on power-up, as others have observed. I have to believe there's a scriptable, not-too-complicated solution to that. Maybe the user's preferred pavu configuration needs to be explicitly activated at the start of the radio script, before wsjt-x, for example. There can't be too much in it because fldigi starts right up every time, no fuss no muss, using the same virtual audio devices.

Bruce, AG5GT

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