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MultusSDR | mWattmeter / Multus SDR, LLC - mWattmeter-III
This forum is for peer to peer help with anything that has to do with the mWattmeter-III QRP SWR/Watt meter. Documentation may be found in the files section of this forum. * Please note that subscription to this forum is required to access the documentation. Support documentation is found in the Files section * Please keep on target with the subject of the initial post. If things start drifting you should start another topic or will be asked to do so. Excessive use of foul language, name calling, snarky comments will not be tolerated and can lead to your messages being deleted. We are here to help one another not fight. While there may be stupid questions in the universe, there are none here. If the same question is asked multiple times, just get over it and don't respond. Abuse of this forum and not following the rules may result in being removed from the forum at the sole discretion of the moderators.
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